Friday, September 29, 2017

Look at these 16 Natural Remedies by Dr Josh Axe

Josh Axe is a well known Natural Remedy expert in the field of Mold. In this video he will teach you how to get rid of the Mold with all Natural products.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Negative Mold Health Effect

Watch this video to learn more about the negative effect has on humans.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Professional Service Vs DIY Mold Remediation in Austin - Which One Is Better?

Mold, which is the general term used to describe all kinds of spore forming filamentous fungi, has been proven to be very harmful and toxic for your property, belongings as well as your personal hygiene. It has been found to be the cause of several diseases some of which have proved fatal. Therefore, mold remediation is taken very seriously in Austin.

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Generally, DIY methods are in trend with respect to every household problem. Same is the case with mold removal or treatment. Hence, DIY mold remediation Austin is also trending. This is the reason that many people try to remedy this issue at home by agitating the spores, cleaning the area with bleach, detergents etc. But the question is, is the DIY mold remediation Austin really an effective method of mold removal or would it be a better option to use professional services?

DIY Mold Remediation in Austin
After studying the properties of mold, reviews on remediation and going through the opinions of the people who have been through this experience. I have prepared this comparison article to help you choose the best course of action for the treatment of mold. If you ever become the unfortunate victim of this vicious living organism!

Professional Service Vs DIY Mold Remediation
1. If your property gets effected by mold, it automatically releases spores in air causing skin irritation, sinus and respiratory infections. Once you spot these symptoms, the first step is to find out the affected area.
  • DIY
Using the DIY method, you will have to play the detective and meticulously search through the whole property to locate the affected area.
  • Professional
If you call for professional help they will hone in on the target area with the help of their detectors and keeping in view the properties of mold. they will look for the root cause (a leakage, moist or damp area in the house)
2. The second step is removal of that mold from the affected area. This removal often gets tricky and difficult when the spores do not dislodge from the surface.
  • DIY
In DIY mold remediation Austin method, you might use bleach or you may be inclined to agitate or shake the mold colony in order to dislodge it. Agitating the mold causes the spores to separate and spread throughout the surrounding area creating more problems because mold spores are harmful either dead or alive.
  • Professional
In case that you seek out professional services, they will firstly isolate the affected region to protect the spreading of spores and contamination of the rest of your property. This isolation is done by erecting barriers around the effected region. The mold is than carefully removed using special expertise to save whatever belongings that can be salvaged. There is a less risk of further damage to the property.
3. The final step is the cleaning of the whole property.
  • DIY
What you can do at the most is, clean out the property using cleaning liquids and detergents.
  • Professional
Professional experts use vacuums with Hapax filters to clean away all the spores from the air to prevent the mold from spreading again. They also use specialized chemicals to clean everything to make it disease free.

So the decision is up to you. But keeping in mind the risks and damage, it is definitely a better option to seek out professional services.